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Our merger & acquisition advisory services consistently maximize value for acquisitive business buyers and motivated business sellers.

For Sellers

Selling private businesses is not just about getting a deal done. We aim to maximize the liquidity event for our clients by adhering to a strict and strategic M&A sales process. Our time-tested process for selling middle-market companies has assisted us in adding as much as 40% above fair market value for our clients’ businesses.

For Buyers

Whether you seek an experienced partner to assist in buy-side mandate work or simply desire updates on current and future sell-side opportunities, Deal Capital can help. Our principles have decades of private equity experience. In addition, our network of other mid-market M&A advisors ensures your parameters and mandates are successfully met.

An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.

Mae West

Whether representing buyers or sellers, we maintain rigorous adherence to our clients’ end goals, delivering expert results throughout a fragmented and difficult process.


Success is generally measured through comparative results-driven profit maximization. And maximizing results means doing your homework.

From initial contact to final deal execution, we focus on success and results-driven flawless execution. Our clients represent a partnership of equals. Our success is measured by yours.


Maximizing corporate return requires in-depth experience in capital markets. A professional focused approach for each client throughout the process of research, valuation and eventual sale

  • Research and Analysis
  • Sale & Divestiture
  • Recapitalization
  • Buy/Sell Mandates
  • Experienced

    Our network deal flow is measured in billions. From healthcare and manufacturing to tax and accounting, our skilled finance partners represent some of the most qualified professionals in the niches they serve.

    Our experience is eclipsed only by our complete commitment to our clients’ success.

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