An expert, repeatable process for value-maximizing mergers & acquisitions. 

  • Business Valuation & Initial Client Engagement

    Understanding business value and strategic positioning within the relevant market of the business is paramount to a successful deal closing. We work with owners and their CPAs or accountants to formulate a business valuation based on relevant comparables and industry multiples we’ve seen that best match your specific industry niche. We then discuss target prices based on least and most likely M&A scenarios.

    Initial engagements can include mock due diligence and vetting of the company by the advisor. The company and its shareholders will also perform thorough due diligence and reference checks on the representing agents to the transaction to ensure their business is properly represented from beginning to end.

  • Pitchbook & Deal Positioning

    Once the client has engaged us for M&A consulting, we work directly with business sellers to formulate what’s often referred to as the “Picthbook,” “the book,” “Confidential Marketing Memorandum (CMM)” or “Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM).”

    The creation of the book is a crucial component in the deal-making process as it represents the single and most comprehensive description of all the business has to offer. It should include everything from employees to financials to future opportunities for growth and expansion. In short, it’s the single most important sales tool the M&A advisor will use in promoting the company

  • Buyer Selection & Outreach

    Unlike blanketing a “business for sale” sign, we perform two crucial steps at this juncture of the process. First, we formulate a short-list of potential strategic acquirers–those willing to pay the most in an M&A scenario. This list will be approved by all shareholders to the seller. Once this list is approved and “the book” is completed, the business will be promoted to potential strategic buyers in a “blind” fashion. Doing so helps to maintain confidentiality for the seller and ensures no current or future operations of the business are disrupted by the attempt at a business sale.

    Direct confidential outreach is then followed by expert negotiations.

  • Advanced Negotiation & Value Enhancement

    Expert negotiations are the key sticking point between advisors that get a deal done and those that exceed expectations in M&A. Our process includes bringing multiple buyers to the table in a value-enhancing auction scenario where the buyer who matches the sellers criteria for fit and price ultimately wins the deal.

    This can be a delicate process and requires the support of experienced negotiators with the ability to enhance value when it’s needed most: in the final sale of the company.

  • Due Diligence & Deal Closure

    Once we determine a winner to the strategic auction for the company, we work quickly to ensure due diligence and deal closure are completely shortly thereafter–preferably between 30 and 90 days after a Letter of Intent for acquisition has been executed by all parties to the deal.



Transaction Goals and Organizational Analysis

Our firm takes the time to work with clients to assess their overall organization and perform an analysis. This allows our clients, the business owner and entrepreneur, to see his or her business from a different point of view. This will then allow the business owner to improve in areas needed or grow a business in an area with the most potential that the business owner may not necessarily recognize.

This is why it is important for our firm to be associated with a wide network of professionals with different areas and levels of expertise. This enables us to better serve our clients from different industries and in different situations so that clients are better positioned to recognize areas for growth and areas for improvement to better position and direct their businesses. This is just one area how our firm strives to work with our clients and their businesses to meet their objectives and goals.

Assessing Value and Creating Demand 

Our qualified team of network professionals helps clients to get their businesses ready for financing and sales processes. We work directly with clients to increase their overall business value so that business owners can get the maximum amount after the sale. In order to do this, our firm will assess and analyze every facet of the business to see where value can be added. Then, we will work with our clients to successfully implement changes and strategies in order to increase value. By the end of the process, our clients are happy with the overall strategy and sales goals.

Better Positioning for Sellers

In addition to analyzing and assessment, helping clients to reach goals and objectives, and consulting and adding value where needed and necessary, our firm also works with clients to generate a targeted list of potential buyers. Clients are typically happy with this process as well as completely satisfied with a potential buyer list as it allows them to see the value of their business and sale potential. Finally, our firm closes each transaction efficiently, thoroughly, and in a timely fashion as we recognize the importance of time, which is usually a key factor in any potential sale.

Better Positioning for Buyers

In addition to assisting clients with better business positioning for sale, our firm also assists other partners as well as competing firms with acquiring a business for sale. However, our firm is strict with properly aligning services with a selling company’s goals and we recognize and appreciate the importance of confidentiality and privacy associated with a selling company. We assist competing organizations with expanding their options into other key market areas.

Management Buyouts

Our firm also works directly with management teams throughout the entire buying and selling process. We believe that this transaction must be smooth and efficient as it is a key transaction that occurs in between different parties. We also strive to work with clients to make sure sales are better positioned for tax benefits as well as liabilities, and even assist with the movement of assets between accounts, investments, and acquire proper financing.

We take each and every transaction very seriously and realize the importance and significance of each one and handle each with care. We also understand the professionalism, skills, and expertise required to be able to work with a wide range of clients as well as carry each transaction through from beginning to end with the most support, organization, efficiency, and maximum return for each client.